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Old school fishing

If you like this kind of fishing you will have a great day, the boat will take you out to the open sea and if you like the crew makes a ceviche out of the fished goods. Respecting the sea and its inhabitants the amount of fish cannot be exaggerated.

The kind of  fishes out here are (snappers/ pargos, meros/groupers/,canane,dogfish

This trip is combined with ,depending on the weather, a trip to the secluded Caracol beach, a secluded beach only reached by boat, or to the Coloradas.

If you would like to enter the parque of Colorados , *excluded from price. 

you can see the pink coloured salt lagoon and see flamencos.This trip takes about 6 hours.

We can confirm all trips by sea only 2 days before , depending on weather and amount of people.

Trips can be 3.5 to 6 hours, depending on your preference.

Price per boat, so if you are with 2 or by yourself please inform us so we can combine several parties.

Fishing El Cuyo Yucatan
Fishing el Cuyo
Fishing with the locals El Cuyo
Fishing with the locals El Cuyo
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