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What to do

If you like to do things independant ,here are a few ideas

Rent a bike or golfkart to explore town,

a quad will take you to the furthest points of the 

island through the jungle. 

For water lovers there is peddle boards and kajaks

available, El Cuyo beach is excellent for kitesurf,

with plenty of schools who can teach you.

Beachvolley with some locals.

There is a climbing wall ,and an outdoor gym.

Go hiking with a local guide.

Or you can get a relaxing or ayurvedic massage.

If you are by yourself, you can meet new people 

in Lugarcito where you can learn or teach new languages while

having a coffee.

Some people in town regularly organise workshops, zumba,

salsa classes and maya rituals when it is full moon.,

Just contact us if something like that is happening

during your stay.

Lounging on the usually deserted beach is always a good 

way of spending time, it is very safe swimming here.

Or if you just want to eat there is plenty of great restaurants


We have a free map available so you can find your ways here

and explore some off the beaten track eating facilities.

Kite surf ,climbingwall el Cuyo
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